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Citadel Mall (West Ashley)

2070 Sam Rittenberg Boulevard, Charleston, sc 29407

(843) 766-7770


Monday - Saturday
11am - 10pm

11am - 9pm

Mount Pleasant

675 East Johnnie Dodds Boulevard, Mt Pleasant, sc 29464

(843) 884-5553


Monday - Sunday
11am - 10pm

North Charleston, (Park Circle)

4726 Spruill Avenue, North Charleston, sc 29405

(843) 554-4903


Monday - Saturday
11am - 10pm

Closed Sunday


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At Sesame Burgers and Beer and Five Loaves Café, we strive to create a healthier, more sustainable and ultimately, a more responsible way to run our restaurants. Every day we source out the highest quality ingredients that reflect a greener philosophy.

We use hormone free and pasture-raised beef. Our chicken and turkey are antibiotic-free and South Carolina raised. We maintain an active presence in the community by partnering with local purveyors and makers of produce, fresh pasta, nuts, breads, and wine & beer. And in keeping with the Five Loaves Café,and Sesame Burgers & Beer philosophies, we make our own dressings and condiments as well. We build our restaurants using sustainable materials and with ecologically sound building practices. Our restaurants recycle all glass, plastic and cardboard. Even our “To Go" ware is biodegradable.

Sesame Burgers and Beer and its sister restaurant, Five Loaves Café, and its sister restaurant, were founded by owners Casey Glowacki and Joe Fischbein.

Contact them here: casey@glowfischgroup.com & joe@glowfischgroup.com

Casey Glowacki

Partner / Owner

In 2003, Casey Glowacki stood on the corner of Cannon and Coming Streets, in front of what is now known as Five Loaves Cafe, and asked passersby to try his soup. Since that time, Casey's vision and enthusiasm (not to mention his fierce skills as a chef!) have grown that little restaurant into the GlowFisch group, a local chain of health-conscious yet accessible dining establishments for the greater Charleston community. Casey trained at the New England Culinary Institute where he learned traditional concepts; he's now known for his creative twists on old favorites. Casey is passionate about serving others well--from his customers to his employees to his community, being involved with numerous charities in the area. Visit Five Loaves and you'll never know where you might find Casey, in the front of the house, back in the kitchen making your dish, or dreaming up new menu items for your next visit!

Joe Fischbein

Partner / Owner

When Joe Fischbein jumped on board with Casey In 2004, during the beginning stages of Five Loaves Cafe, he knew this concept would grow to be a local favorite. Born and raised in Charleston, Joe really understands and loves the community. As co-owner and operating as the CFO, Joe is the guy who keeps things balanced at the GlowFisch group. He oversees the vision and growth of the company, while handling any service concerns that arise. The clock that keeps things ticking, Joe manages the internal processes to keep moving forward to best serve GlowFisch Hospitality.

Jason Ulak

Corprate Chef

Before heading up GlowFisch, Jason attended CIA (the culinary school one) ;). After crossing paths with Joe and Casey at other local Charleston restaurants, his amazing talents stayed in the GlowFisch's mind. With extensive kitchen knowledge and passion, Jason's chef skills really pack a punch. His love of what he calls, "the greatest rock band ever" Kiss, is constantly sneaking into his daily teachings as well as his ringtones. Jason takes pride in his extensive cookbook collection which shows his well-rounded knowledge of food and trends.

Bradford Amirault

Operations Manager - Sesame Burgers and Beer

Now on his second tour with the company, Bradford is charging forward on all his projects related to front of house operations at Sesame. Bradford has a background in graphic design and is often found designing creative projects for the company, even though it's not in his job description as Operations Manager of Sesame Burgers & Beer. An Air Force veteran, being a leader and a team player comes naturally to Bradford. His strengths are his ability to listen and his passion for hospitality. Family, meeting new people, and bringing folks together are several things that are important to Bradford, and it shows. It's not hard to catch him chatting up restaurant patrons and sharing pictures of his family, his most recent addition (baby girl!) in particular.

Debbie Still

We still can't find the “just right" title for her. Human resources director, corporate administrator, office assistant...maybe we should just call her "Mama." Debbie works behind the scenes to keep things happening...including getting our employees their paychecks! She doesn't always get the credit she deserves, but she's the nuts and bolts that hold the GlowFisch group together.

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Charleston City Paper | Dec 2, 2015


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At Sesame Burgers and Beer, we're always trying to improve our menu and service. And we love to hear your thoughts, suggestions, and shout-outs. If you ever have any questions or comments about our restaurants, or if you just want to say “Hello," please feel free to send us a message. We'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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